Clean for 2 months…
Stronger for 136 days…
Rest in peace, my friend.
To anyone who is struggling with depression, any mental ilness, or addiction, suicide is not the answer.
Open up about your issues. You all deserve to be happy. You are worth living.

Robin was such an inspiring person and he will always be in our hearts.
'It never hurts to try'
_ Demi Lovato
Newton is right…
Just for saving the planet xD
The goal of the day.

'People who stay are the ones who make you feel wonderful.'
So happy to read Paulo Coelho in the quote of the day of Staying Strong 365 Days A Year!
2 months ago
For anyone who is in pain, please stop harming yourselves! Your body deserves respect because you are so beautiful! For your mind, do some meditation in the morning and just believe. You will find your way in this world. We were made to live in a better place and now we are so frustrated. But you can make a better world just by living and trying to do something remarkable. Get up! Start by little steps and it’s important to ask for help. Think that the next time it’s you who is going to help someone. I’m here…I’m still recovering and saying to you that it’s hard, but you can make it! Stay Strong!
Talking to a Stranger